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Dominique DeFreece, Esq.

Associate Consultant

Dominique DeFreece.png

 DEI Best Practices Educator | Consultant | Facilitator | Social Justice Advocate

Dominique is originally from Upstate NY but has called Memphis her home for the past decade. She earned her BA in History and International Studies (concentration on the Middle East and
North Africa) from Rhodes College and her JD from the University of Memphis. As a lawyer, her passion is serving marginalized individuals as they navigate the legal system. Dominique
has held board and leadership positions with several nonprofits, foundations, and civic organizations. She approaches her work with a passion for driving change in organizations.


In her free time, Dominique enjoys hiking, reading novels, and spending time with her family and puppy.

Please be advised that Dominique DeFreece does not dispense legal counsel through the services provided by our consulting firm. Inclusive Excellence Consulting  specializes in offering DEI consulting services and does not extend legal advice or representation. It is imperative to emphasize that while Dominique DeFreece is an attorney by profession, our firm does not operate as a law firm.

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