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Dr. Julienne Ng
Associate Consultant

Julienne Ng, Ph_edited.jpg

Educator | Facilitator | Trainer | Coach

Dr. Julienne Ng brings a wealth of experience in teaching, training, and facilitation to Inclusive Excellence Consulting. With over a decade of experience as a postsecondary educator, she has consistently incorporated inclusive and equitable approaches into her classrooms. Recently, Julienne has expanded her expertise to the financial and K-12 education sectors, where she coaches and facilitates conversations with schools and non-profit organizations. She specializes in leveraging data insights to enhance programs and achieve goals with a focus on equity.

Julienne holds a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Rochester and dual bachelor’s degrees in Science and Information Systems from the University of Melbourne. Originally from Australia, she now resides in Idaho. In her free time, Julienne enjoys baking sweet treats and exploring trails with her career-changed Labrador Retriever.

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