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Marlon McConner, RN
Associate Consultant

Marlon McConner

Health Equity Educator | Coach | Speaker 

With over 25 years of dedicated service as a healthcare professional and registered nurse, Marlon McConner has been a pioneering force in advocating for equity and inclusion in the healthcare sector. His extensive background in nursing has provided him with a profound understanding of the challenges and disparities prevalent in healthcare systems and has motivated him to become a leading voice in promoting health equity.

Marlon's journey into DEI stemmed from his firsthand experiences witnessing systemic biases and inequities within healthcare settings. He recognized the critical need to bridge gaps and address disparities in access, treatment, and outcomes for marginalized communities. Leveraging his expertise, Marlon is passionate about guiding organizations to comprehend the pivotal role of inclusion and equity in healthcare delivery. His holistic approach intertwines his clinical insights with a deep-seated commitment to fostering inclusive environments. He facilitates workshops, training, and webinars that empower organizations in the healthcare sector to cultivate culturally competent care, dismantle barriers to access, and implement policies promoting equitable healthcare practices.

Please be advised that Marlon McConner does not dispense medical advice through the services provided by our consulting firm. Inclusive Excellence Consulting  specializes in offering DEI consulting services and does not extend medical advice or treatment. It is imperative to emphasize that while Marlon McConner is a registered nurse by profession, our firm does not operate as a medical practice.

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